Songs We’re Listening To On Tour


Just got home from tour. Spend a lot of time in the van and a lot of time listening to music, wanted to share some of what we’ve been listening to these past couple months.

I Love You Always Forever - Donna Lewis 

This track has always been a personal favorite. Reminds me of driving with my mom and brother as a kid. KR

The Walker - Christine and the Queens 

Beautifully crafted pop song. What really gets me though is the harmonies in the chorus that sort of pop out at you like stabs of ear candy. Needless to say, Shy Boys are jealous of this album. KR

Swimming In Your Ocean - Crash Test Dummies 

I didn’t know much about Crash Test Dummies outside of the song on the Dumb and Dumber soundtrack. I still don’t. “Swimming In Your Ocean” sounds nothing like the Dumb and Dumber song and I love it. Nod to Koney for the introduction. CR

What Once Was - Her’s 

“What Once Was” is my favorite song by Her’s, a band from Liverpool who was recently killed by a drunk driver while touring in the US. It’s taken on a sad tone, but the riff/groove is so catchy and fun. KE

Nite Flights - The Walker Brothers

I remember when Ross first put this album on while we were driving through the smoky mountains at sunset. Something distinctly memorable about cresting those gorgeous hills while Scott Walker's bizarre apocalyptic baritone voice sang about glass traps opening up and broken necks. RIP! KL

Back, Baby - Jessica Pratt

This is one of the most bittersweet, heartbreaking songs I've ever heard. Great to play in the van during quiet evening drives for some serious reflection. KL

At Last I Am Free - Robert Wyatt

“At Last I Am Free” is a Chic cover by a guy who played drums in some influential British bands (60s-70s) before falling out a window and becoming paralyzed from the waist down. It’s a weird song to begin with, made stranger by this stripped-down performance. I really love it. KE

Days To Remember - Video Age

Love this song, album, and band. This track got a second wind after seeing them open their live set with it. Recommended for revitalizing a sleepy drive. RB

The Palace Of Versailles - Al Stewart

Ross ended up being the de facto producer on Bell House, so I really enjoy talking shop with him up at the wheel while listening to tunes. “The Palace Of Versailles” has sparked more than one conversation. CR 

Something To Believe - Weyes Blood

A beautiful arrangement and a song dramatic enough to take a big juicy bite out of. Recommended for moderately softening a crusty heart or tranquilizing a panic attack. RB

More Tour Dates Added


more dates added out west in may! the flyer text is gettin real small y’all 🧘‍♂️ all starts in kc 2/22 @ recordBar. keep ur eyes here for some prime content before the end of the week 

"Evil Sin" Video and Single


Our new single, Evil Sin, is premiering today on NPR Music's All Songs Considered, stream it here. Vid written & directed by our very own Kyle Little, shot by Alec Nicholas.

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